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Kids and Hot Cars: Is It Happening More Often?

2:42 PM, Sep 14, 2018


Tianna Jenkins, Michael Adam Mora

A parent's worst nightmare: forgetting his or her baby in a sizzling car while walking into a store.

There are several reminders for parents and guardians to not forget children in cars. Apps like PreciousCargo and Kars4Kids Safety have an alarm that goes off whenever you and your phone exit the car. It is to remind the parent that his or her child is sitting in the car seat.

Kids and Hot Cars: Is It Happening More Often?

These best practices include creative tips. A parent can take off a shoe and leave it in the back seat with the child or leave a toy on the dashboard.

Reports of children being left in hot cars seem to be happening more often. There is debate as to when this nightmare started occurring more frequently with parents.

According to Kidsandcars.Org from 1992 to 2017, 89 children have died in Florida from being left in a hot car. The problem seems to be getting worse but why?

Amy Artuso, from the national safety council, said that there are many more near misses than there are actual deaths.

Kidsandcars.Org reported that in america, 46 children have died in hot cars in the first nine months of 2018. Three of those were here in Florida. The first death related to leaving a child in a hot car happened back in February in Miami.


Figures suggest young children dying in hot cars have been declining. The chart from kidsandcars.Org shows that the number of kids dying from being in the front seat of a vehicle with power airbags declined after 1998. However, heat stroke deaths continued to fluctuate.

“There’s some argument out there that this started happening more when airbags were introduced," Amy Artuso said. "When children started riding in the back seats more and then turning children rear facing in car seats."


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