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Jones Walker Aptartment Owner Slapped with Fines

12:52 PM, Sep 21, 2018


Tamika Cody

Residents or Jones Walker Apartments might finally see home improvements.

The Fort Myers Code Enforcement Board met Thursday afternoon to talk about the inhabitable living conditions of Jones Walker Apartments .

Jones Walker Apt Owner Slapped with Fines

The board heard about 45 reported code violations in the complex.

Most of the violations included roach infestations, faulty plumbing and structural issues.

“We need to make it a priority to fix this place,” City Code Enforcement Officer Jeff Gonzales said.

Jones Walker is owned by the Teaneck, N.J.-based real estate company, Treetop Development. The company has not responded to repeated calls and emails seeking comment.

However, the apartment property manager, Naftali Levenbrown, said they’ve made progress on 27 of the 45 units since the last Code Enforcement meeting in June 2018.

But the people who live in the government subsidized housing complex said that is not true.

“They’re not fixing the problems,” one resident said, during the Board meeting. “They’re only doing patchwork.”

The Board found the Treetop Development guilty of noncompliance with more than 30 of the reported code violations.

Each violation comes with a fine ranging from $25 to $250 a day.

Some people HelloSWFL talked to said their apartment wasn’t on the agenda for the Thursday afternoon meeting, despite having Code Enforcement Officers inspect their dwellings for violations.

Tenants tried explain their concerns to the Board but the city attorney, Grant Alley, said “there was no time for a public forum” because the meeting ran longer than the allotted two-hour time frame.


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