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Is Your Car Insured for Hurricane Damage?

It’s officially hurricane season. Are you ready? Is your home? What about your car?

Hurricane Irma caused almost $8 billion worth of property damage.

It takes most insurance policies 30 days to activate, so it’s best to get it sooner, rather than later.

Typical homeowners insurance covers water damage if it’s caused by what insurance agents call a “covered event.”  So, if winds from a hurricane break a window or cause a tree to crash through your roof, the resulting water damage would be covered.

But Southwest Florida is full of flood zones, so what about coverage for the additional flood damage that comes from hurricanes?

Protect Your Car

If your car is in the garage, it won’t be covered by flood insurance.

You will need to purchase additional coverage for your car.


  • How high is your deductible? Know how much you’ll have to pay out of pocket, before your insurance kicks in
  • If you have a mortgage, you’re typically required to have flood insurance and what’s covered is decided by the loaner.
  • If you own your home, it’s up to you to decide whether or not to get insurance and what you want to insure.
  • Make sure your coverage in large enough to insure your home and its contents.


  • Your landlord is not responsible for your items – you are
  • Make sure your coverage is extensive enough to insure your personal belongings
  • You can cancel your lease any time you’re displaced from your home because of damages – but you must notify your landlord