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Is Infant Formula Better Than Toddler Formula?

When you compare the nutritional value of infant formula with toddler formula, you will see a slight difference on the label. Toddler formula contains more calcium, phosphorous and iron than infant formula.

Just like with any nutritional regimen, minerals are essential for thriving infants and it is even more important as they grow into toddlers. However, there is a slight misconception that babies have to transition from infant formula to toddler formula.

“Infants don’t ever have to transition to toddler formula, they can go from infant formula to whole milk at age one,” said Renee William, who is the Public Health Nutrition Program director at Collier County Florida Health.

Renee said toddler formula might be an option for a child who is not eating enough solid food.

And for infants who are on a soy-based formula, Renee said parents should start to transition their little ones to a soy toddler formula after 12 months of age.

Industry experts advise children should be completely weaned off of formula by the age of two. If you’re having difficulty transitioning your toddler, ask your pediatrician for advice.

Additional reporting by Val Simpson