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Is a Bridge a Solution to Fort Myers Beach Congestion?

Recently the hotel Owner of Lani Kai on Fort Myers Beach proposed a concrete overpass, equipped with elevators on either side, near the base of the Matanzas Pass bridge to help ease traffic.

But if you’ve been on the island during season you know it’s just one of many issues causing problems. The intersection of Old San Carlos BLVD and Estero BLVD is a nightmare when it’s full of people.

The Florida Department of Transportation added a stop light at the intersection is one of the short-term solutions the state transportation people came up with about two years ago. The state also suggested:

  • Traffic signals at Crescent St. and Estero Blvd.
  • Traffic signal at Main St.
  • Removing the metering signal at Button Wood Dr. and Prescott St.
  • Restriping the hurricane pass and Matanzas pass bridges.

So far there has been no progress on any of these project.

The state says that during peak season more than 25 thousand cars cross the bridge every day and they expect that number to rise. This number has people looking for any type of relief, even if it’s just a pedestrian bridge.

Reporting by Bo Evans