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Intersection Has Community Worried

This Community is looking for a solution to a busy intersection

“They don’t stop. They don’t see you. They don’t stop. They don’t care.”, Steve Mingear Lives/ Works Near Intersection

The traffic at the intersection of Gateway Blvd. and Commerce Lakes Dr in Fort Myers is so bad people who live and work in the area are very concerned for their safety.

“I moved over here because I’m close. This is one of the worst intersection in Fort Myers. It’s extremely dangerous, people going a million miles an hour.”, Steve Minegar Lives/ Works Near Intersection

With talk of new developments going up in the area people who live nearby are worried that traffic will get even worse.

“I’m concerned for my safety because of the fact that people are not paying attention to the crosswalk.”, Stephanie Petrakos, Lives/ Works Near Intersection

But residents are not the only ones who are concerned. It has business owners worried as well.

“People try to cross the street. I mean, this is a crosswalk right here and people speed a little bit and get backed up and people try, you know, speed across here and it’s just a really dangerous situation.”, Alex Basile owner of The Saucy Meatball

We reached out to the City of Fort Myers to see if they know or are doing anything to fix this problem. In an email they said,

“Lee County DOT is grateful that residents are concerned about safety and operation at the intersection of Gateway Boulevard and Commerce Lake Drive. The county has reviewed the intersection and has determined that alternative traffic control, such as a signal of roundabout is warranted…”
-Betsy Clayton
Lee County Government
Communications Director

But a fix won’t happen any time soon. The city needs to find money in the budget. But in the meantime, the city says it’s going to work with the district to try to fix some of the sight issues and work with deputies on traffic enforcement.