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Ins and Outs of FP&L “Temporary Surcharge”

When a natural catastrophic event sweeps through Southwest Florida, like Hurricane Matthew did in 2016, more than one million homes lost power.

Utility companies are then tasked with restoring gas and electricity throughout the entire state.

To help cover the cost of equipment and pay the salaries of workers who came from across the nation to help restore power, Florida Power & Light tacked on a temporary surcharge on its customers bills.

If you were living in Southwest Florida during Hurricane Matthew and your energy bill was and still is with FP&L, you might have seen an increase on your bill.

The surcharge ended on March 1, 2018 and you should now see a 30 percent decrease in your bill.

However, FP&L realized it might have overcharged some of its customers.

Florida Public Service Commission is now looking into FP&L checks and balances to see if the company owes its customers money or if customers owes the company.

PSC will have an update for FP&L and its customers in August.