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Impact of Bomb Cyclone on us

Why so dramatic calling it a “bomb” cyclone and how is it affecting us in Florida?

The blizzard like conditions in the northeast are thanks to a (possibly dramatically named, depending on how you look at it) “bomb” cyclone.

“By attaching the word “bomb”, it might be a little bit of hype, but it says, ‘hey, this is a different type of storm, it’s not your usual storm,’” said Daniel Noah, a warning coordination specialist with the National Weather Service.

Noah has lived in Florida for 16 years and he said these nor’easters happen about once a year, but that this one is stronger than usual.

“The only cold air on the planet is over Canada and the eastern two thirds of the United States, including Florida. Then, over the Bahamas, we had a warm conveyor belt of moist air moving northward. So the temperature difference between Florida and the Bahamas was very strong. But that’s not enough to create this system. The third ingredient is an upper level low was swinging through the area,” he explained.

Thankfully for us in Florida, Noah said the impact on us coming from the northeast is minimal.

“The only impact it has on Florida is that it kept the cold air over Florida longer than it would have otherwise.”

That might explain this unusually long cold snap. Noah also told us the long term local forecast calls for above normal temperatures.