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Immigration Issues: The History of Immigration and Customs Enforcement


President Trump made it one of his top priorities, and in the past couple weeks on social media and in news coverage, there’s been stories of the White House’s “Zero Tolerance Policy” and the separation of families at immigration detention centers.

After the executive order to not separate families, some members of the community have called to ban ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Well all that has some candidates for federal office calling for the ban of the department.

The Homeland Security Act created ICE in 2003 under the Homeland Security Act. Before that, all immigration was handled by Immigration and Natural Services, INS.

ICE is part of Homeland Security and INS is part of the Department of Justice.

The earliest calls for defunding and abolishing ICE we found started this winter from a liberal political action committee — “Brand New Congress”.

We checked. Of the 52 Democrats from Florida running for Congress, four supported abolishing ICE.

All of them are in District 27 in Miami.

However, one candidate who’s website did not list abolishing ICE as an issue tweeted out #AbolishICE over the weekend.

This idea is gaining steam around the country. As of Monday morning, CNN says two US Senators, eight members of the house and the Mayor of New York City said they want the agency gone.