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Identifying a Real Police Officer From an Impersonator

If a police officer were to approach you, could you tell if he was a legitimate cop or not?

It’s easy to impersonate a police officer; especially with the ease of finding a police accessories and uniforms for sale online. Luckily, there are plenty of red flags that can help you spot on a fake officer.

The uniform must be wrinkle-free and without stains. They must also have on them a badge, a name tag and service tags. All cops have a leather utility belt with many items holstered. Items include a flashlight, firearm, taser, pepper spray, and handcuffs. They will also be carrying a radio.

If a real police officer is at your door, they will always knock, announce their presence and state their purpose for being there. Always ask for a badge and photo ID. If you get pulled over by an unmarked car, turn on your hazard lights. Real officers know that you have acknowledged them and will pull over. Select a well lit area to pull over, and only lower your window enough to speak. And most importantly, if you ever are in doubt, call 911 to verify. Dispatchers will let you know if he/she is a real officer will not get upset if you call for verification.

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