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Hurricane Michael is on its Way to the Gulf and it Might Take Red Tide With It

6:45 PM, Oct 08, 2018

In the course of several hours, Tropical Storm Michael turned into a Category 1 Hurricane. And it’s expected to develop into a Category 3 Hurricane by midweek.

Will Hurricane Michael Wash Red Tide Away?

Weather services don't believe Hurricane Michael will make a significant impact on Southwest Florida, but red tide could be along for the ride.

Red tide has been a nuisance for several months, but scientists feel this hurricane will give red tide a good fight.

“Hurricane Michael will probably in all likelihood have an immediate impact on red tide,” said Bruce Neill, Sanibel Sea School Director.

Bruce said Hurricane Michael is pushing big bodies of water around, causing the red tide algae blooms to break apart.

“The wind and the friction will take that body of water and push it out to deeper water and break it up," Bruce explained. "It will be replaced by deeper water coming from offshore that doesn’t have as many karenia brevis cells in it.”