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Hurricane Irma Recovery: United Arab Emirates Donates $2.7M to Collier County

It’s been 11 months since Hurricane Irma hit the state of Florida. Many homes, businesses, and communities are still trying to pick up the pieces.

To help with recovery efforts, the United Arab Emirates is donating $10 million to the state. And Collier County will receive $2.7 million, which will be distributed in three parts.

  • Collier County Public Schools will receive $1.1 million,
  • Grace Place for Children and Families will receive $1.2 million, and;
  • The United Way will receive $400,000
Dana Al Marashi

“What struck us the most was the resilience of the American people. How the day after people rallied together to help each other, and that’s what friends do,” said Dana Al Marashi, Head of Heritage and Social Affairs for the UAE Embassy in Washington on D.C.

“You help each other in times of need and that’s why the UAE decided to give this gift to help further expedite recovery efforts here in Florida.”