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How to Stay Up to Speed With Car Recalls

In Central Florida, a woman was flagged down on I-4 because her car was on fire. Shortly after she pulled over and got out of the vehicle, it burst into flames.

It turns the 2012 Kia Sorento was under a safety recall because of an engine defect. Unfortunately, the owner of the SUV said she did not receive a recall notice for her vehicle because her address was not up to date.

A recall notice is usually mailed when a manufacturer or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration discovers a car “fails to meet minimum safety standards.”

Car Recalls – Frequently Asked Questions

How to stay up to speed with car recalls:

  • Head to or
    • Once you’re there, enter your 17-character Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, into the search box.
    • You will get a list of every safety recall associated with your vehicle.
  • Take your car to the car dealership/manufacturer to get it serviced. Dealerships usually enter your VIN through a database that allows them to keep up with safety recalls.
  • And finally, keep your address up to date with your car manufacturer