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How to Keep Your Pet Calm During Independence Day

Pets are family, right? So treat them like it this 4th of July – especially when the fireworks start.

Animal Control sees a 30 percent increase in lost pets from July 4th to July 6th. Some pets get so scared of the noise they run off, and most don’t find their way back home.

Some pet owners are using ThunderShirts to help keep their pets calm during the fireworks this Independence Day.

They’re like vests that “hug” your pet. They touch certain pressure points to help calm it down, it’s like swaddling a baby.

Not all pets feel a difference while wearing a ThunderShirt – but it’s worth trying if your pet gets nervous during fireworks.

Alternatives to the ThunderShirt include wrapping an Ace bandage around your pet or using a T-shirt to simulate the same feeling.

Here are some other ways to keep your pet calm:

  • Wear them out during the day. If they’re tired at night, they might be calmer
  • Keep them inside during the fireworks and turn up the sound on the TV to help drown out the bangs
  • Keep your windows and curtains closed
  • Stay calm. If your pet sees you relaxed, chances are, they’ll calm down too

Additional reporting by Jalyn Henderson