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How To Keep Sleeping Babies Safe

An unlicensed daycare in Golden Gate of Collier County was the scene of a death of a 4-month-old child last week.

A woman at the 700 block of 50th Terrace Southwest called 911 after finding Gabriel David not breathing in bed soon after the toddler fell asleep on August 8.

“His lips are blue,” the woman said in her 911 call. “I’m trying to breathe into his mouth.”

According to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office incident report, David’s lips and eyes had a blue shade. He was pronounced dead upon arriving at Physicians Regional Medical Center.

A separate report was filed by the Department of Children’s and Families. The agency is investigating the death. It found that the death could have easily been prevented.

The two unlicensed caregivers who took care of the baby, moving him from a high chair in the home, could have placed David on one of the several unused Pack ‘n Play beds rather than the adult sized bed.

One of the caregivers put David down on his side for a nap in the adult sized bed. She came back over 20 minutes later. When she returned, David was laying on his stomach unconscious. She gave him mouth to mouth, but it was too late.

The daycare violated Florida law, according to the Department of Children and Families. Daycares that have a child from more than one unrelated family must be registered or licensed through the Department of Children and Families.

Its databased showed that the daycare was neither licensed nor registered.

Hello SWFL talked with Carla Narbaez, who is a leader in the Healthy Start Program in Collier County Department of Health, about the incident. She reached the conclusion that the baby should have never slept in an adult sized bed.

Narbaez also offered several best practices to avoid the lost of a child when he or she falls asleep. One of the most crucial practices is that the falls asleep on its back when it naps or sleeps overnight.

Parents with babies should be selective on where the baby sleeps. For instance, avoid putting him or her to sleep on things like couches or car seats. Instead, choose firm surfaces with fitted sheets for a baby to fall asleep on. This can include cribs or bassinets.

Sleeping Baby. Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

A convenient option for new parents is to sleep nearby the baby. This does not mean having the toddler sleep in the same bed. Rather, have the baby sleep on the crib or bassinet in the same room.

A last best practice is to take careful consideration as to what is in the proximity of the baby during rest. It is essential that there are a lack of choking hazards.

These best practices may take some time to implement but it will keep your baby safe. If caregivers also take care of the young person, be sure that the babysitter practices the same sleeping methods you do. It will help with consistency.

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Reporting by Jalyn Henderson