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App in Lee County Schools Reveals Lunch Menu

6:00 AM, Sep 25, 2018


Gabriel Castaneda

Recently an Indianan School served a student two bread sticks as the main entree for lunch. And as a result, a parent was upset.

However, in Lee County Schools, parents have the ability to access what their children will be served for lunch. The recent technological innovation helps parents decide if they should prepare lunch for the child, depending upon the options that will be available for him or her that day. The app also sends notifications based upon the child's allergies and whether the food served that day will conflict with them, causing negative reactions that will impede learning in class.

How to Find Out What Your Kids Are Having for Lunch

“Well as a working parent I normally don’t get home till after 5 p.m., so we check every night the app when we are making lunches to know if my children are going to are going to go ahead and get school lunch," Megan Hull said, a SWFL working mom. "Or if they are going to bring a lunch from home. It helps us prepare for the next day."

Megan is talking about “ Meal Viewer ”, an app Lee County Schools uses to keep you posted on what your kids will be having for lunch. It also provide nutritional information on the meals that will be served, along with alerts for both parents and children on select allergens.

HelloSWFL crowd-sourced the community in an online forum, regarding the lunches served in Lee County Schools.

“I feel like our school has pretty good choices," Brittany Jackson said, a mother in SWFL. "I like that there are hot choices and cold choices for kids,"

However, do these hot and cold choices offer a balanced meal?

“Absolutely,” Megan said. “And its also broken down by category in the app. You can see what the fruit is of the day, what the vegetable is and then what the main course is as well and what drinks are being served.”

If your school doesn’t offer an app to check lunches, they probably have it available on their website or as a printout. The way you are getting the information is not the important part. Knowing what is being served is what really matters because if you don’t like what is being served, parents have the option of preparing a homemade lunch for their child.

“We tend to use those bento boxes to help create a balanced meal," Megan said. "We make sure to use a fruit, to have a main protein some snack items on the side and then they always make sure to bring water."


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