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How Schools Are Preparing to Keep Student-Athletes Safe from Heat Strokes

Some school sports have already started their practices even though the summer heat isn’t cooling down. This means student-athletes will be practicing in hot temperatures.  The Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) requires student-athletes and coaches to watch heat illness training and prevention videos beginning July 1st.

Laurie Giordano lost her son, Zach, last summer after he collapsed during a football workout. She found out her son could have survived if he was treated within the first five to 10 minutes.

Since then, Giordano has donated ice tubs to student-athletes at Lemon Bay, Charlotte, and Bonita Springs High School now has another way to keep cool during hot summer practices and workouts.

Another way to protect students involves new technology. Charlotte High School measures the WetBulb Globe Temperature directly from the field. Currently they use readings from two different places: and websites, but these readings can be from local weather stations rather than directly on the fields.

Between 1960 and 2009, 123 high school football players have died of heat illnesses, according to a study by the University of Georgia.

Reporting by Anna Khols


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