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How Much of Your Resume is Fluff?

A Florida state house candidate has been called out for faking her college degree and her supposed alma mater confirming she didn’t graduate.

Melissa Howard who is running for the Republican nomination in Florida’s 73rd district claims she has a bachelors of science degree in marketing from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio with. The University director of news and communications has reported even though Howard went to UM she did not graduate.

This got us thinking… How much fluff is too much on your resume?

Woman sitting at job interview in office

You might have changed your employment dates or added to your job description, but according to Tom Jobin from Express Employment Professionals, there is some leeway to make everything sound better than what actually happened.

“Don’t try to be someone you are not”

-Tom Jobin, Express Employment Professionals

The problem is when you start putting complete false information. In certain jobs like government positions or at a bank the false information you provide can lead to a criminal sanction or penalty for false or fraudulent statement.

Jobin recommends that if you get caught, to be completely honest with what you did, “I advise everyone when you go on an interview you send your resume out be who you are, write about who you are and then go into that interview and be who you are.”

Being honest on your resume or your application is going to have a better outcome than making up completes lies.

Reporting by Brittany Muller