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How Long Will Red Tide Stick Around SWFL?

Red tide is here, but how long will it stay?

Here are some of the latest numbers.

We know red tide levels are high and they stretch more than 100 miles along the coast.

The FWC said red tide has killed more than 70 manatees and 400 sea turtles since last November.

Several reports have said red tide could stick around until winter, but we talked with researchers from Florida Wildlife Commission and Mote Lab and Aquarium in Sarasota. The people we talked to said those experts are wrong.

They said what we’ve all been hearing for the past few weeks: red tide is a natural event.

“Red tide can be predicted up to a few days in advance based on wind and current trajectories but there’s no way to know if it will be around next year or stick around for weeks or months to come,” Michelle Kerr with FWC said.

“There’s no scientific evidence that the bloom will last until January besides the fact that the typical bloom season is coming up,” Tracy Fanara, a MOTE researcher, said.

Some reports also claimed water temperature plays a factor in red tide.

Wind and currents have a greater impact than water temperature.

“Storms can impact red tide. It would really depend on the duration of a storm, the strength of a storm any winds and currents associated with a storm,”

So whatever the wind does will determine how long red tide hangs around.

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Additional reporting by Terrace Myles