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How Hard is it to Bring a Company to SWFL?

So, why does it take so long for businesses to come to southwest Florida?

Any deal starts with a buyer (mostly an established company), eyeing a piece of land they want. The dance between the buyer and seller begins with a real estate broker (Gary) in the center making sure the two parties are in sync with each other.

The actual land is one of the smallest considerations a company has to think about when looking for a location. They have to make sure there is a market demand for their services. If not, they are going out of business.

An often-overlooked aspect they have to consider is are there enough skilled workers in the area to provide their services.

Sometimes when the buyer is not able to make the deal the seller wants incentives come in. There are a large number of different incentives a company can do to make up the extra cost of buying a property.

Everything I just described is the very first step. I haven’t gone into what happens when inspectors have taken a look at the blueprints for the building to make sure everything is going to follow codes.

What I learned from Gary (real estate broker) is I might be a very impatient guy who doesn’t see the big picture.

“Yeah it will take a long time, but in the scope of things, it’s not as long as you think. And usually what happens is there is so much behind the scenes work going on to try to create the environment whatever concept we’re driving towards to. It looks like nothing is happen for like five to ten years then all of the sudden it happens at once.”

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