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History Lesson: GE's Connection with Fort Myers

General Electric, one of the last original companies of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, has been dropped .

GE has been part of the DJIA since 1907. Over the past year, GE’s shares dipped nearly 55 percent. On Wednesday, June 20, 2018, it had the lowest share price at $12.89.

Fort Myers Connection

If you’ve visited the Edison & Ford’s Winter Estate located on McGregor Boulevard, you may have learned that Thomas Edison was one of the founders of General Electric.

Edison was no stranger to Southwest Florida. He started visiting in 1885 and from 1901 to 1931 Edison would spend most of his winters in SWFL.

In the 1880s Edison, of course, was working on the first electrical distributions system in the U.S. he had over 400 patents related to electricity and incandescent lighting.”

By 1890, Edison founded Edison General Electric Company.

Two years later, Edison’s company merged with other electric companies and renamed the conglomerate The General Electric Company.

Additional reporting by Brittany Muller