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Hey Snowbirds, Do You Know About The Tax Bird App?

When do you plan on calling it quits and get out of the rat race?

Will it be when you’re 65-years-old and secured a spot on a nice beach? With a margarita in hand and enjoying the welcoming sunrays. For James Simon, the day may never come.

Throughout his working career, Mr. Simon has been found one adventurous start-up after another in the field of software engineering. After the company grows to the point of being a player in the market, Mr. Simon leaves the company and then “retires.”

However, “retirement” never lasts very long. Or in the words Michael Corleone in Godfather part 3 “I tried to get out but they pull me back in.” Though it is a bit of an exaggeration to say he is forced into anything.

He keeps seeing gaps in the market and is compelled to find ways to fill it.

James Simon latest fill is a new app called Tax Bird. The app helps those who split their time between different states. Tax Bird keeps track how long you stay in each state so when you do next year’s taxes, you’ll be paying the right state taxes. And if any state accuses you of skipping out on them, the app provides a report showing how long you stayed in each state based on GPS location on your phone.

The idea came about when Jim bought a home in Florida and had to split his time between here and Connecticut. If he stayed in the northern state for 186 days, he would have to pay Connecticut’s income tax instead of paying none at all in Florida. He was keeping track of all of his days in an excel sheet until his business partner, Brain Ochs, told him there has to be an app for that.

They both surprised there wasn’t one.

The app has given Mr. Simon an extra burst of energy and excitement in his everyday life. And it’s probably the reason why he will never retire. Creating something new, useful and launching it into the world is one of the reasons why he feels so young at heart.

As long as there are still gaps in the market, Jim and Brain are going to be young at heart for a very long time.