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Heroes Unmasked Putting Smiles on Kids' Faces in a Time of Need

Heroes Unmasked is a local group of superheroes who visit kids in hospitals and homes. The superheroes go from room to room bringing toys, playing games, and sharing laughs. The costumes are made by the original designer.

“We want to distract them during the visit so they can just be a child and enjoy the moment they’re in and forget about everything else,” Heroes Unmasked founder Michael Elkady said.

The superheroes have partnered with all the children’s hospitals in the state and they’ve spent time with more than 120 kids so far this year.

Its motto: “Together we rise.”

The organization raises funds through events and donations to give back to kids with illness by offering financial support to their families during their hospital stays.

On August 11, the group is hosting a hockey game. Local law enforcement teams Lee County Rangers and the Fort Myers Blue Thunder will face off head to head. Dozens of superheroes will be there.

The event is at 4:30 p.m. at Fort Myers Skatium. Tickets can be found on its website:

Reporting by Brittany Muller