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Hendry County Preparing Early For Long Voting Lines

It’s no secret long voting lines are expected throughout much of Florida for the November elections.

“Be prepared, that’s right. Know what’s on your ballot before you get here. You don’t want to be reading your ballot in the booth for the first time,” said Brenda Hoots, the Hendry County supervisor of elections.

Hello SWFL has been going county-by-county to get local voters caught up on how each county is preparing and what voters can expect. Wednesday (May 30th), we caught up with Hendry County.

“This is one of our flyers that we’re handing out to encourage voters to vote by mail. This is your voting fast-pass,” Hoots said.

In her time as elections supervisor, Hoots has seen it all. She’s stressed about the upcoming election, “Always,” she laughed.

She and her staff have gotten creative, doing all they can to prepare. Check out some of their creativity in the video above. For more information on voting on Hendry County, call the Hendry County elections office or head to