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Halloween Safety: Know Where Sex Offenders Are Located Before You Go Trick-or-treating

5:38 PM, Oct 12, 2018


Gabriel Castaneda

Are you going tricking treating with your kids this Halloween? If so, you might want to add an extra tool to your safety list.

While you’re hunting down the houses with the best candy be aware of where sex offenders might be living.

Know Where Sex Offenders are located before you go trick-or-treating

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement makes finding sex offenders easy for you. You can search the sex offender database and do a neighborhood search to see where sex offenders are in your area or in an area you might be trick-or-treating near.

Just so you know, some sex offenders in Florida have strict rules they have to follow on Halloween.

“Sex offenders cannot hand out and they are to turn all their lights off so that kids do not go up to their houses,” Caitlyn Mumma with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office said.

Mumma said that they’re not allowed to engage with the kids on that evening.

They are also not allowed to put up any decorations that would attract kids to knock on their door. Former sex offenders are also encouraged to not participate as well. Those who violate these rules would be in violation of their probation and could end up in jail.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office encourages parents to not be scared, but to be aware and be prepared before heading out on Halloween, “Be more proactive more than reactive and just be aware of your surroundings,” Mumma said, “It’s not something that you should be terrified of, but definitely keep your kids in a close range of view.”


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