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Greyhound-Racing Ban in the Hands of the Florida Supreme Court

In the spring, the Florida Constitution Revision Commission tweaked the state’s greyhound racing rules. It sent the proposed changes, Amendment 13, to get approved for the November 2018 elections.

However, a circuit judge removed the Greyhound-Racing Ban from the November ballot.

The judge sided with the Florida Greyhound Association and said the proposed amendment is misleading.

The ballot title reads, ‘End Dog Racing.’ The misleading part is that the amendment doesn’t address placing bets against the dogs. Betting will still be allowed in Florida if out of state races were watched on air at the race track.

The case is now in the hands of the Florida Supreme Court. The court will decide if the proposed ban should go on the ballot for the November elections.

On Aug. 29, 2018, the Florida Supreme Court will hear arguments from both sides. A decision to add Amendment 13 must be made before ballots start going out in September.

Additional reporting by Tianna Jenkins