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Governor Election: Views on Key Issues by Democratic Candidates

We’re just days away from the primary election.

Yesterday we went over the Republicans . Today we are looking at the five candidates running for the Democratic nomination.

You’ve heard them in TV ads and seen their names on promotional signs on your way to work. But amid the clutter, it is hard to decipher the Democratic candidates’ positions on key issues.

Hello SWFL went through the candidates’ websites and their debate answers to see where they stand on these five points, which include: water quality, gun control, education, immigration, and health care .

Here are the candidates: Andrew Gillum, Gwen Graham, Jeff Greene, Chris King and Philip Levine.

First, water quality .

  • Gillum said he will make protecting the Everglades National Park a priority.
  • Graham said we have to send water south.
  • Greene would immediately fund CERP.
  • King wants to build water storage south.
  • Levine would prioritize funding Florida Forever.

Next, gun control .

  • Gillum supports bans on assault weapons, magazines and bump stocks.
  • Graham wants to see stricter background checks with all gun sales.
  • Greene wants to raise the age to purchase guns from 18 to 21.
  • King supports a bullet tax.
  • Levine wants to completely ban assault rifles in the state.

When it comes to education :

  • Gillum wants to invest $1 billion into the public school system.
  • Graham says she would give teachers a raise and fund early education programs.
  • Greene would give teachers a pay bump and make two years of pre-k mandatory.
  • King says he wants to make community college free for Florida students.
  • Levine wants to stop public money to charter schools.

Next up, immigration :

  • Gillum wants to abolish ICE and replace it with a different agency.
  • Graham wants the U.S. to be a sanction for people escaping violence.
  • Greene is the most vocal against President Trump’s immigration policies, but doesn’t present any plans of his own.
  • King hasn’t publicly voiced any policy stance on the subject.
  • Levine wants to work to defend the DREAMers still in the country.

And the candidates’ stances on health care :

  • Gillum hopes to get people with pre-existing conditions better coverage.
  • Graham said she’ll try to reduce premium and medication costs.
  • Greene stands strong in giving women the right to choose.
  • King wants provide more assistance to Floridians with opioid addictions.
  • Levine wants to increase accessibility to mental health services in schools and prisons.

Additional reporting by Jalyn Henderson