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Government shutdown: Be prepared, not scared! 

There’s no need to panic if the Federal Government shuts down for a few days.

Washington lawmakers are trying to agree on a budget that will fund government operations and agencies. The Associated Press hashes out all of the details.

So, how could a government shutdown affect me in Southwest Florida?

If you live here or are just visiting, you probably won’t be affected, unless you plan to visit a National Park . If the government closes up shop then so will Florida’s 12 national parks, including the Everglades.

Everglades National Park

Government Employees

If you’re a federal employee , you might be forced to take a temporary leave of absence, or what the government calls a furlough. So just make sure to check in with your head supervisor before making an early morning trip to the office.

Who gets paid, who doesn’t

It will be business as usual for active duty military, national security, and military personnel whose jobs are considered as “essential.”  They will have to head to the office but for them to get paid, Congress would have to pass a separate law to make sure their paychecks go out.

And what about Congress?  Well, Senators and Representatives will continue to get paid if there is a government shutdown.

Social Security

People who depends on a Social Security check, will get paid .

United States Postal Service

Rain or shine or government unwind, your mail will be delivered as usual.

Federal Courts

If you have a scheduled date in Federal Court, make sure you appear. The courts will be open. They planned ahead and stashed away least three-weeks worth of emergency funding .

The Clock is Ticking

The last government shutdown took place was on Oct. 1, 2013. It lasted for 16 days. IF there is a government shutdown this time, DC-watchers think it might last only only a few days.