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Gov. Scott Deploys National Guard to Help Prepare for Hurricane Michael

5:58 PM, Oct 09, 2018

With Hurricane Michael heading toward the Florida Panhandle, Gov. Rick Scott ordered 1,250 National Guard members to help prepare for the Category 2 storm.

National Guard Called to Help Prepare for Hurricane Michael

There are close to 5,500 National Guardsmen and women in the state of Florida, which includes soldiers and airmen.

Just like joining any military branch, being a member of the National Guard is a full-time job. Members live on base, they hold rank, and just like the U.S. Armed Forces, they go through basic training.

When needed, National Guard members are called into full-time, Active-Duty service for catastrophic events like terrorist attacks, natural disasters. As of today, getting ready for Hurricane Micheal is their primary duty.

If National Guard members are not assigned to a mission, they have the flexibility to focus on their career paths in their local community.


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