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Got Bed Bugs? Here's What You Should Do To Prevent Them

4:38 PM, Nov 12, 2018

You know the old saying, "Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite?" Well what if those bed bugs bit you at a movie theater?

Yes. Bed bugs were reported at a North Fort Myers movie theater this weekend.


The National Bed Bug Association says there is a rise in reports of bed bugs in movie theater seats.

According to the NBBA, these annoying bugs reside in the cracks of cushions.

Bed bugs are a worldwide problem. According to Fort Myers Pest Control, 1 in 4 hotel rooms have bed bugs. Female bed bugs can lay 5-7 eggs a day, and can live 12 months without feeding.

But there are ways for you to spot them at a library or movie theater, and prevent them from getting into your home.

If you’re at a movie, the NBBA says to use a cell phone flash light to check the seating area for signs of bug activity. You’ll know when you have bed bugs, they leave behind a rust colored stain and discard exoskeleton shells that normally smell.

“You have to treat them to get rid of them. People that don’t treat is a tragedy upon everybody else because you are causing other people to get bed bugs,” said Ivan Starkey, with Fort Myers Pest Control.

You can spray yourself with insect repellent sprays containing DEET. You can also bring a sheet to the movies to cover your seat. But once you get home you must wash your sheets in hot water to kill any possible eggs or larvae.