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Get Cannabis Based Products Delivered to Your Door

If you are searching for that next marijuana high, CBD, or Cannabidiol, is not for you.

But CBD offers all of the medicinal advantages of cannabis – reducing chronic pain, inflammation, less anxiety and slower cancer cell growth – without the sluggishness that comes along with THC.

And the medicinal product can now be delivered straight to your door!

The manager of King of Vape, Bert Cannavelli, told us that CBD solves a host of ailments.

Although CBD and THC stem from the same plant, CBD products work in the body without causing the same type of effect as THC.

“Look at it like a pepper plant,” Cannavelli said. “You have a bell pepper and a spicy jalapeño pepper. One has spiciness; one doesn’t. Same as cannabis and hemp. One has THC, which is psychoactive, one doesn’t” Cannavelli said.

CBD comes in different oils, skin creams, you can smoke and eat it. Unlike medical marijuana, CBD is completely legal in all 50 states and you don’t need a doctor’s prescription to get it.

So you can get it by going to vape shops or if you want to maintain your privacy, you can buy it online. There are a variety of products, without even leaving your house.

But beware: like most subscription boxes, they only offer trial sizes so if you find a product you like, you’ll probably end up buying a full-size version at a store or online at some point.

The boxes are a great way to introduce you to the CBD world. It will help you figure out what products work best for you.