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Fourth of July: Volunteers Pick Up Trash Left Behind

There’s more than just empty alcohol containers and food wrappers left behind after the Fourth of July.

“I found some underwear this morning,” Ron Lindensmith said.

Straws, fireworks debris, cigarette butts, you name it.

“Hey, you wanna smoke? Go ahead and smoke, but put your cigarettes somewhere other than just on the beach,” Lindensmith said. “I could probably send back to Corona a thousand beer bottle caps from all over on the beach.”

Ron is one of several volunteers picking up waste on Sanibel Causeway the day after July 4th.

“There’s a lot more traffic, more people barbecuing, just a lot more garbage that can end up in the waterways,” Rebecca Mensch said.  “Once it ends up in the water, it’s really hard to get out and it usually ends up staying there for the next hundreds to thousands of years.”

Volunteers came from Lee County Parks and Recreation, Bailey’s National Shell Museum, even T.J. Maxx, to make sure leftover trash got picked up.

“We call ourselves the Causeway Pickers,” Kathy Busick said. “It’s just our little piece. We can’t save everything but it’s just our little piece of the world and try to make sure we talk to other people about it and when we see this many volunteers coming out and helping on a day like today, you just go home with a big smile on your face and I think that’s why we do it.”

Reporting by Anna Kohls