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Fourth of July: Boating Safety

The Fourth of July is coming up!

While it’s time to celebrate, safety is also a concern.

“People enjoy boating and just like we want people to be safe on our roads we want them to be safe in the water as well,” Corporal Phil Mullen with the Cape Coral Police Department said.

So what are some of the biggest violations?

“The biggest violations they see out on the water is basically like the roadways, it’s speed,” Mullen said. “We stress to people, slow speed or idle speed both in the canals or in the river.”

Speed is such a problem officers have to put up signs to reminder boaters to slow down.

In 2018, there were 67 boating fatalities in the month of July in Florida.

“Make sure you have your life jackets just in case someone goes overboard and they didn’t intend to,” Mullen said. “We’d rather tell people these are the rules, try to follow them for your own safety, then hand out violations, we don’t want to hand out violations.”

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Reporting by Terrace Myles