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Four Men in Lake Boyz Trial Found Not Guilty for Gang Charges

The Lake Boyz Trial is still going on, but we have some updates for you.

To refresh your memory, the Lake Boyz are a gang. 23 guys affiliated with the gang were arrested last year and were put on trial for racketeering and corruption.

A racketeer is someone who obtains money by an illegal enterprise, usually involving intimidation. Typical gang activity falls under that umbrella.

On Saturday, the jury decided that four young men were innocent of racketeering and being in a gang. But 18 people are still on trial for racketeering in this case.

Since the case is still active, the state attorney’s office could not give us anymore information on the four men the jury decided were innocent.

However, arrest records shoe these four men (James Brown, Diante Davis, Kwameaine Brown, and Eric Fletcher) all had dealings with the law before.

James Brown and Diante Davis were the only two free to go and have only had one incident with the law before this trial. Kwameaine Brown and Eric Fletcher were already arrested for violating probations from other offenses.

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It’s still unclear why they were proven innocent so quickly since this trial only started around two weeks ago. But. there’s still over a dozen more facing time in this trial.

The Fort Myers Police Department has been following this gang since the 1990’s. 21 of them were arrested as part of Operation Great Lakes.

They gained popularity on social media by posting music videos and starting a string of hashtags on Instagram.