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Fort Myers SRO Funding Solution in the Works

The City of Fort Myers and Lee County School District are working together to make sure School Resource Officers, or SROs, are placed in every school.

“The plan is to have at least one SRO in every Lee County school by Aug. 10, 2018,” Lee County School District CFO, Greg Blurton explained.

After the Parkland shooting in February, Florida’s lawmakers pushed to add more SROs throughout the state.

It will cost more than $8 million for Lee County to place an SRO in every school. Half of the bill is already taken care of by the state through Safe School Funding. And now Lee County must figure out a way to come up with $4.5 million.

The school district received $1.6 million in Safe Schools Funding and applied $1.3 million to the SRO program.

Then the district added $1 million from its operating budget. And the Lee County Sheriff’s Department contributed $2.3 million.

“Next year, we anticipate getting $4.5 million in Safe Schools funding and applying $3.5 million to the SRO program,” Blurton said. “Anything above that will come from our operating budget.”

Additional reporting by Tianna Jenkins