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Fort Myers SRO Agreement Signed

The School Board of Lee County and the City of Fort Myers signed an Interlocal Agreement for the School Resource Officer Program on Monday during the city council meeting.

The city agreed to assign 17 SROs plus two supervisors to 16 city schools.

The agreement spells out, in detail, the duties and responsibilities of the SROs. Officers will follow school board policy. And they will teach students about laws, the role of the police officers and the police mission.

Additional key points

  • The agreement goes into effect on August 1, 2018, and expires on July 31, 2019.
  • SROs will be assigned on a full-time basis for 8 hours
  • The agreement list out SROs duties and responsibilities (there are 12 on the list, see full list below)
  • Financing – For the term of the agreement, the School Board agrees to contribute $50K for each of the 17 SROs, 2 Supervisors
  • The Chief of Police is responsible for appointing SROs

Reporting by Brittany Muller