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Fort Myers Mural Has Modern Take on the 'Last Supper’

2:36 PM, Sep 25, 2018


Gabriel Castaneda, Michael Adam Mora

The last supper has made an appearance in Fort Myers... Kind of.

“The Modern Last Supper: eat every supper as if it were the last” is a play on the classic, “Last Supper,” by the 16th-century artist, Leonardo da Vinci. This modern take portrays Jesus as a homeless man, who gives a dog a hamburger inside a McDonald's restaurant.

Last Supper Mural in Fort Myers

Created by Atlanta artist, Ross Boone, the mural also has a modern take on the apostles.

There is a lot to take in from this picture. Jesus is a homeless black male. There is a homeless woman, a mega-church pastor, a McDonald's employee giving a Haitian immigrant an ice cream cone, a prostitute, a skateboarder, a Middle Eastern mother and her child, a gender-bending woman, a lonely black girl and a cross-dressing alcoholic man wearing a bra over his clothes.

The Atlanta based artist who goes by the name, Raw Spoon, printed the artwork on vinyl. He proceeded to place it on the side of the old medical center building at the intersection of Carrell Road and Broadway in Fort Myers.

Raw Spoon's provocative artwork will not be the last mural on the building.

Dan Oberski and his family own the old medical center. They plan to turn the inside of the building into low-cost office space for small businesses.

“I think art is a huge part of storytelling," Oberski said. "Storytelling allows people to connect, engage, experience and want to be a part of something."

Oberski has the goal of empowering people in the community with edgy art pieces, like the recent creation by Raw Spoon. He sees it as a commonality for community members to share as a source of pride.

Oberski is offering artists the opportunity to put their artwork on the outside walls of the building. “On that brick wall, as you look at it, our intent is to find a material that we can cover up some of the brick walls," Oberski said, "and provide some pallets for places for people to be able to paint or graffiti art or a variety of things."

While we do not know who are the artists that will contribute to the outside walls of the building, it is likely the piece by Raw Spoon will encourage others to take Oberski up on his offer to promote their brand. In the meantime, you can visit the modern last supper, which is on the north side of the building facing Carrell road.

Oberski chose the location because he wants the mural to be full-sized. His reasoned that a full-size depiction will inspire a greater sense of appreciation in the details of the mural and the stories within the piece.

On a corner of the mural, there is a QR Code that viewers can scan with their smartphones. Once scanned, the viewer will be taken to . The website provides a description of each character in the mural, along with information to learn more about the mural.


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