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Fort Myers Beach City Council Moving Forward With TPI Development Project

Fort Myers Beach City Council is moving forward with the TPI hotel and resort right next to time square.

The city council has been trying to redevelop the area for well over a decade and TPI is the largest and most successful project so far.

But not everyone is happy about it.

Opponents allege the project violates the city’s building codes, such as violating the height requirement, the number of rooms a hotel can have, and insufficient parking for all the guest TPI estimates will be staying at the resort.

While other business owners can’t wait for the hotel to be built. Public statements during the city council meeting point to a strong desire on the community’s part to redevelop the abandoned sections in the downtown area. The TPI development is the only plan so far that could revitalize the area.

After TPI made their three-hour detail presentation public debate went on for another six hours and then another four more hours the next day.

The city council was relieved after the vote to move forward but what do you think?

Should Fort Myers Beach go forward to build the hotel resort or should something else be done?