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Fort Myer Doubles Down and Gambles $1.5 million of Tax Payers Money

The city of Fort Myers is gambling taxpayer dollars on a construction deal.

$1.5 million dollars are at stake for the controversial Luminary Hotel. The city began construction despite knowing the property has deed restrictions that forbid the land to be developed for commercial use.

If something goes wrong and the plan falls through, the City would owe the development company $1.5 million.

The lawyers on the case said during the city council meeting that they are comfortable with their legal position and think that the deed will not hold up in court. They also said that the plot of land they are arguing about is less than one-acre and heirs of the original deed-holder say they won’t dispute it.

The city is currently working to clear the title, but they agreed that they have the upper hand and gave the green light for construction.