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Food Stamps And Dog Food

There is a viral Petition on Care2 petition to have Pet food included in SNAP benefits, and it has over 100,000 supporters!

SNAP stands for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and is a food assistance program for low to no income families. To qualify for SNAP, the family income must be below federal poverty level. Households with food stamps can buy food like fruits, veggies, meat and more. But things they cannot buy with SNAP are nonfood items which include pet food.

But the creator of the petition thinks that needs to change. Edward B Johnston Jr argues that people’s financial status can change anytime and that a pet shouldn’t starve or be gotten rid of because the family can’t afford to feed it.

Now many argue that pets are a luxury and that if you want a pet, you should be able to provide for it. But some say that it could be beneficial for people that have a service or support animal that they may not be able to feed. Others simply say that their pets are their family and that their food is just as important as their children’s food.

Where do you stand? Should SNAP also be used to feed our pets? Or should SNAP only be used for its intended purpose: to feed families by stretching their food budget.