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FMPD Moves on to Next Step for Police Reform

Fort Myers has moved on to the next step in effort to improve the the police department.

Freeh Group International stepped in to help the City of Fort Myers evaluate the inner workings of Fort Myers Police Department around the same time when Nate Allen, who plays defensive back for the Miami Dolphins, was wrongfully arrested in February 2015 .

The City of Fort Myers hired FGIS to address several issues within Fort Myer’s Police Department. After investigating FGIS released its finding in February 2017.

The report listed 32 recommendations the department should take over the course of four tiers.

The department has already completed the first tier.

Eighteen of those recommendations have been checked off, and FMPD is working on implementing the other 14.

Tier 2 is expected to be completed within in the next six months.

FGIS will continue its assessment of the Fort Myers Police Department as it makes its way to complete the last two tiers.