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Florida Releases School Grades, Lee County Earns a "B"

As a parent, you probably know your child’s grades. But do you know the grades your school is getting?

The Florida Department of Education release the state’s school district grades for the 2017-2018 academic year.

This year, Lee County schools scored a “B” rating. This is the district’s 5th “B” in a row.

So, is the district improving?

This year, no schools received an “F” grade, and only one school got a “D” grade, East Lee County High School.

Tice Elementary raised its grade rom a “D” to a “B”. Edison Park Elementary and Estero High also jumped from “C” grades to “A” grades.

17 public schools in the county received “A” ratings. Eight of them are elementary schools, six are middle schools, and three are high schools.

In Collier County, schools scored an “A” for the second year in a row. The district had 27 “A” schools, most of them elementary.

Charlotte County got a “B” grade, the same as last year.

Hendry, Highlands and Glades counties all scored a “C”, and they’ve stayed at a “C” the past three years. Each of these districts has less than 20 schools.

Kindergarten through middle schools are graded based on assessment test scores. But high schools get half their grade from those assessment tests. The rest is based on graduation rates, college readiness, and other measures.

Take a look at the grades for your school in this document .

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Reporting by Jalyn Henderson