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Florida Midterm Elections Triggers Recount

5:56 PM, Nov 09, 2018

Florida's midterm elections were so close that it has since triggered a recount for the Senate, Governor, and Agriculture Commissioner slots.

What's Triggers a Recount?

As of press time, the unofficial Senate ballots tallied a 0.18% percent margin between Rick Scott and Bill Nelson.

There's a 0.44% margin between Ron Desantis and Andrew Gillum for the Governor's seat.

And there is a 0.04% margin for the Ag Commissioner's spot between Matt Caldwell and Nikki Fried.

The Secretary of State’s office will now have a machine recount since the races are half of 1% or less of total votes cast.

Each county has until noon Saturday, Nov. 10th to submit their unofficial returns to the state so that can take place.

The results from those will be announced by 3pm Nov. 15th.

But it might not stop there.

If there’s a margin of a quarter of 1% or less than total votes cast then a manual recount will take place.

Unofficial returns from that count are to be submitted by noon on Sunday, Nov. 18th.

An elections commission will have official results after it meets Tuesday, Nov. 20th.
So we'll just have to wait and see what happens.