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Florida Elections: And the Winners Are

5:32 PM, Nov 20, 2018


Gabriel Castaneda, Olivia Frain

If you look up the word "contentious" in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of Florida and a voting booth.

That’s how close the elections were this year in the Sunshine State. Three of the top races in the state were decided after recounts. Their victories came down to a couple thousand votes.

Who Are the Official Winners of the Florida Elections

Ron DeSantis is moving to the governor’s mansion in Andrew Gillum’s hometown of Tallahassee after beating him with 4,076,186 out of 8,220,561 votes.

Rick Scott defeated Bill Nelson with 4,099,505 out of 8,190,005 votes for Florida’s Senate seat in Washington.

The agriculture commissioner also was a tight race. Nicki Fried beat out Matt Caldwell with 4,026,201 out of 8,059,155 votes.

For each of the winners, it'll be an interesting transition to their new political roles.

Rick Scott has a career of being an executive of private companies and the state of Florida. He will now be just one voice of 100 in the US Senate. Scott will have to learn to work with others to get things done instead of being able to make decisions to change things all by himself.

Unlike Rick Scott, Ron DeSantis will be making the opposite move. DeSantis was a member of Congress where it’s easy to fall into the crowd and go unnoticed. But now as the governor of Florida he will be directly responsible for more than 100,000 employees and 8 million citizens.

Finally Nikki Fried is going from lobbyist to someone who gets lobbied. The Department of Agriculture is responsible for everything from our state's farms and ranches to gun background checks.

No matter who you voted for in these races, these are the people who will be representing us over the next few years. You should get to know them, stay involved and hold them accountable. Remember they work for you.


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