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Florida Department of Health: No Dogs in Breweries

Looks like your furry friend will have to sit out for this round.

The Florida Department of Health has been sending out notices to breweries across Florida with one message: dogs can’t be in your brewery.

The notice sent to breweries says the state considers beverages as food. This law has been around since 1998 for restaurants, but the Department of Health is saying that it sent this as a reminder in Duval County because beverages are considered food, too.

The department cited Code 64E-11 :

“(8) Live birds and animals – No live birds or animals except for crustacea, shellfish and fish in aquariums shall be allowed in a food service establishment, in vehicles used for transporting food or in any other area or facility used to conduct food service operations; except as provided under Section 413.08, F.S., and, further provided, that live birds may be present in food service areas where adequate engineering controls of the ventilation system will prevent contamination of the facility, employees, or consumers.”

Generally, bars and restaurants with outdoor seating say you’re welcome to sit outside with well-behaved dogs.

The only time you can take an animal inside is if it is a service dog.

But some people in Florida aren’t happy. A petition on was started to get the community to reach out to their state legislators. The petition has over 15,000 signatures after six days.

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Additional reporting by Gabriela Millian