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Florida courts standing by "Stand Your Ground" law change

The Stand Your Ground law protects a person who acts in self-defense when they fear for their life.

Last year, a change was made in this law. Florida switched the burden of proof from the defense to the prosecutor and it looks like courts are supporting this new shift.

What does that mean?

Let’s say you are a homeowner and you legally own a gun. Someone breaks into your house, they come at you, and you shoot them because you felt your life was in danger.

Before the law changed, if you are charged and you made a claim you were standing your ground, it was up to you to prove in court that you acted in self-defense.

Now that the law has changed, it’s up to prosecutors to have to prove whether or not it was self-defense.

Most court observers said the big shift now rests with prosecutors — they’ll have to go a lot further to prove these cases in court.