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First School Stabbing of the Year at Dunbar High School

A Lee County school was the scene of a stabbing by one student on classmate Thursday morning and is being investigated by local authorities.

The stabbing occurred at Dunbar High School in Fort Myers.

Parents of students at Dunbar High School received a brief email that explained what happened.

The incident took place in a gym class, where the two students had a disagreement. One of the students was carrying a knife and injured the other student.

Administrators and school resource officers immediately stepped in. They quickly retrieved the knife. Police officers detained the student soon after.

None of the injuries from the victim were considered life-threatening, according to the Fort Myers Police Department .

The FMPD has not released a motive or how the student brought a knife into the school.

In an e-mail correspondence with HelloSWFL, the Lee County School District communication coordinator, Rob Spiker, said that this was the first stabbing incident that occurred this year.

“As parents, you can help,” Spicker wrote in an email to the Dunbar High School parents. “Please take this opportunity to speak to your child about the importance of school safety.”

According to Lee County’s School Environment Safety and Incident Reports , 14 students were arrested for bringing a weapon to school in 2017 compared to seven arrests the year before.

Even though the numbers are rising in Lee County, the national average for students bringing weapons to school is declining in the United States, according to the National Center for Education.

Reporting by Gabriela Milian