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First City Council Meeting of 2018

City council meetings are a place where the community can get together and address any concerns they have about their city. It can be a little intimidating – trust us, we know, but it shouldn’t be.

The first thing you need to know is that city council meetings take place every first and third Monday of the month in the Oscar M. Corbin, Jr. City Hall building (2200 Second Street, Fort Myers, Florida). It starts at 4:30pm, but it can run as late as 9:30pm.

True to traditional fashion, the meeting is run by the mayor – in this case Mayor Henderson, as well as the six councilmen and women of the six wards.

A full agenda is provided. Now that agenda is important because it touches on the specific items city council will be discussing that evening. For example, we covered the announcement of the ‘ True Blue Campaign ’. That announcement was number three on the agenda, so we knew we had to be there early to hear about it. The same applies even if you aren’t a part of the press. But one important thing to note is some days they stay in order, and other days they do not.

A cool thing that city council encourages citizens to do is speak. They cannot be aware of any issues Fort Myers may have if they’re never addressed.
That’s when the ‘Request to Speak at City Council Meeting’ sheet comes in handy. It’s a short form that is to be filled out and submitted to the City Clerk before the meeting starts. So if you knew you had some concerns about the True Blue Campaign, that would be the time to get your slip and and address them with the council.

You have a issue that’s not related to the agenda items? That’s fine, just note you will be speaking on a ‘non-agenda item’ and at the end of the meeting you will have a time to speak.

We encourage everyone to go to city council meetings. It’s a place where citizens can become more aware of their city and get involved in its development.