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FEMA Report: 2017 Devastating Year For Natural Disasters

Last year brought three of the five most destructive hurricanes recorded, according to FEMA’s 2017 After-Action Report released in mid-July. For comparison, the report says the 2017 Hurricane Season was a devastating experience for millions of Americans, with more disaster survivors registering for assistance than the previous 10 years combined.

Hurricane Irma cost a total of $50 billion. The 2017 Hurricane Season is estimated to have caused $265 billion total in damages and losses, according to the National Centers for Environmental Information. The second most costly year was in 2005 with a total of $209.7 billion.

The report also includes the storm tracks of the 17 named storms during last season. FEMA’s report also outlines how they responded to each situation, and how they fell short on a lot of responsibilities due to the volume of storms and overall impact. The three most destructive hurricanes last season happened back-to-back. You can read the full report here . RELATED: