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FEMA is Ending its Short-Term Shelter Program

After six months FEMA is ending its shelter program for Floridians displaced by Hurricane Irma

On March 10th the Federal Emergency Management Agency is ending its short-term emergency shelter program for Floridians that were displaced by Hurricane Irma . The agency provided hotel rooms for six months for people who were displaced by the hurricane to have time to make repairs to their homes or find long-term housing.

Now that the deadline for the shelter program is here we were wondering what you can do if you still have not found a place to live or your home has not been repaired yet?

First, we called the state assistance program to talk to someone about what options someone may have, but it is just a voice mailbox. You leave a message and wait for a representative to call you back. We did leave a message asking what options a person has if they have not found housing or their homes have not been repaired. We are still waiting for a callback.

When they tried to look for a FEMA Disaster Recovery Center (DRC). These centers were opened after the hurricane hit our area to provide Floridians information on the programs FEMA offers hurricane victims. You could not receive direct help at these centers, but they were more of a resource to point you in the right direction. We could not find a center in our area.

While doing our research , we found a press release where FEMA says that as of March 1, 2018, there are 1,124 Floridians in this shelter program. According to FEMA in the Lee County area, the agency found 41,993 households were eligible for the program, and 1,321 individuals and families stayed in hotels. In Collier County, FEMA found 25,659 households were eligible for this program, and 848 individuals and families stayed in hotels.